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My "Golden Age", or "Old Time" radio show collection has grown to more than nine-thousand hours of mostly half-hour episodes. Most of these were produced with large budgets and staffs, much like television today.

Unlike television, I find these very engaging to enjoy while occupied with something else - driving, doing chores or working on a project. Because of their high degree of MP3 compression (most are at 32 kbps), many shows can be stored on a portable MP3 player. These recordings are good quality and are in the public domain. Enjoy.

40 hours of high quality programs for your computer, Ipod, or mp3 player

Each of these is a half-hour and about 7 Megabytes

I was a communist for the FBI I was a Communist for the FBI. Throughout most of the 1940's, Matt Cvetic worked as a volunteer undercover agent for the FBI, infiltrating the Communist Party in Pittsburgh. The show was produced without assistance from the FBI, which refused to cooperate. An interesting visit to the days of McCarthyism. 53-03-04 One Way Ticket
53-03-25 Trial by Fear
53-04-15 Forged Faces
53-05-27 The Elspeth Club
53-07-01 15 Minutes to Murder
53-08-19 Rhapsody in Red
Shadow Who knows...what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. 48-03-07 Beast of Darrow House
48-03-21 Death Coils to Strike
48-05-02 Legend of the Living Swamp
48-10-10 Mask For Murder
49-02-20 Trail of the Knifer
49-04-17 Death and the Easter Bonnet
Nightbeat NIGHTBEAT was "a superior series that focused as much on people as predicament". The stories were varied, covering crimes and human interest, but were always dramatic. Good stuff. 50-05-29 Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer
50-06-05 The Girl from Kansas
50-07-03 Lorraine Adams Execution
50-07-24 The Devil's Bible
50-08-14 Gunner's Last Fight
50-09-18 Wanna Buy a Story
50-11-10 Slasher
50-12-20 Christmas Story
51-06-01 Will of Mrs Orloff
51-06-15 Otto the Music Man
51-12-21 5 Days Off For Christmas
52-05-01 Pay Up, Or Die
52-05-22 Target for a Week
52-06-05 Marvelous Machine
52-06-19 Railroaded
52-07-31 Flight from Fear
52-09-04 Bomb on a Denver Plane
Mysterious Traveller THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER first rode the rails on Mutual in 1943 and was heard for the next nine years. The shows opened with a shrieking locomotive roaring down the tracks. You, the listener, are a passenger along with another passenger, who insists on telling you a weird tale. The tale ends as the time the train reaches the next stop, with Maurice Tarplin's promise of another tale, next time you're on the train. 44-07-02 The Queen of the Cats
45-03-31 Murder Goes Free
47-01-12 No Grave Can Hold Me
47-07-06 Locomotive Ghost
48-04-20 Murder in Jazz Time
48-07-06 The Man Who Vanished
49-01-06 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Dragnet DRAGNET, the brainchild of Jack Webb, may very well be the most well- remembered, and the best, radio police drama series. From 1949 through 1957, DRAGNET's 30 minute shows, broadcast on NBC, brought to radio true police stories in a low-key, documentary style. 54-10-26 Big Key
54-11-09 Big Coins
54-12-14 Big Lens
55-02-01 Big Bird
55-03-08 Big Father
55-05-10 Big Revision
Orson Welles The War of the worlds, although presented as a fictional radio play, created panic in the streets of New York in 1938 when many listeners were convinced earth was being invaded from Mars. 38-10-30 War of the Worlds.mp3
Texas Rangers TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS broadcast coast-to-coast every Sunday on NBC. Not a Western, but a modern (1950's) police drama featuring the oldest and most respected law enforcement body in the USA. 51-12-30 Killer's Crop
52-03-02 The Iceman
52-04-06 Troop Train
52-05-11 Unleashed Fury
52-06-15 Travestry
52-08-17 Cover-Up
CLOAK and DAGGER "Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission for the United States, knowing in advance you may never return alive?" This is the story of the WWII special governmental agency, the OSS, or Office of Strategic Services. Its mission was to develop and maintain spy networks throughout Europe and into Asia, while giving aid to underground partisan groups and developing espionage activities for Allied forces overseas. 50-06-04 Brenner Pass Story
50-06-25 Direct Line to Bombers
50-07-30 Swastika on the Windmill
50-08-13 Roof of the World
50-08-20 Norwegian Incident
50-08-27 Black Radio
50-09-08 Overground Railroad
50-10-06 Delay Enroute
SUSPENSE! SUSPENSE started as a Summer series in 1942, running until 1962. SUSPENSE was the last of the great radio drama series. The show has strong production values. Good listening. 51-10-01 Case Study Of A Murderer
51-10-08 Betrayal In Vienna
51-10-22 Log Of The Marne
51-12-17 Case History Of A Gambler
52-02-11 Odd Man Out
52-03-10 A Watery Grave
52-03-17 Wreck Of The Old 97
52-04-21 Diary Of Captain Scott
52-09-22 Jack Ketch
52-10-13 How Long Is The Night
52-12-22 Artic Rescue
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