Christopher Scott - Bowling Green, Kentucky

W4NEQ Hamshack

I selected a Kenwood TS 870 (and) 590 based upon good reviews of DSP IF and excellent audio quality. I wanted something with clean sounding audio on both transmit and receive - and I haven't been disappointed.  The photo is a bit dated.

Also in the shack are an oscilloscope for transmitter level setup, a command technologies 3cx800 (triode) amplifier, a venerable Johnson kilowatt matchbox, and other debris. 

Yagi, Doublet, and Discone antennas
The antenna system for 40 and 75 meters is a center fed 130 foot, inverted-v dipole, with apex at 80 feet.  This is the classic multiband antenna, fed with 10 gauge open wire line.  For 160 I use a coax-fed inverted vee. A Moseley Classic 33 triband trap yagi above the inverted-v performs well on 20, 15, and 10 meters.  Here is more detail.
Perfect Sinewave
No self-respecting radio broacast engineer would be complete without some audio equipment, but I've resisted the temptation to go totally upside down bonkers with it - no $2,000 Neumann microphones ... Here is a page showing that equipment, along with a typical audio rant.
1602b Admittance meter
I collect certain General Radio test equipment,   If you have these or other "GR" stuff for sale, email me by clicking on the Email via main page.

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